Last week was 4th of July. My husband had to work and ended up working later then planned on that day. My daughter and I were on our own that day and there wasn’t much going on so the day was kind of a bust. It’s really tough having a spouse that works so late.Continue reading “Exhausted”

Preschool Graduation

It’s been a little crazy lately. My husband has been working more overtime and my daughter’s sleep issues are tiring me out. Yesterday she finished preschool. We are so proud of her for working so hard in preschool. This next year she is off to kindergarten. She will be in the highest needs kindergarten alsoContinue reading “Preschool Graduation”

Memorial Day Weekend.

I have been so drained lately. My daughters sleep issues have been bad and lately it seems like too much to handle. I am exhausted and I keep pushing on because I love my daughter and won’t give up. My husband had Sunday off this past weekend. Usually we are busy with errands or thingsContinue reading “Memorial Day Weekend.”

Birthday and Dentist

I have been dealing with outdoor allergies today so I am really tired.  On Tuesday my daughter had her dental procedure.  They ended up removing her tooth since the cavity was really bad. The procedure went well for her.  She had a bit of pain after and was fussy for part of the day. WeContinue reading “Birthday and Dentist”

Stress in my family.

I finally got the dentist thing all worked out. My daughter’s doctor ended up being on vacation this week and my daughter needed the doctors visit this week, since her dentist appointment is next week. We were able to get a different doctor to do her check up. It’s been a stress, but on aContinue reading “Stress in my family.”

Stress and exhausted

This week has been a long week.    My daughter started school in person.  So far it seems like it is going ok.  My daughter will not wear a mask so it was a tough decision to send her, but she really needed the in person learning.    My daughter is supposed to have her cavity takenContinue reading “Stress and exhausted”


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