Meltdowns are not something new to me. Knowing what they are is more of a newer concept to me. When looking back on my life things appeared to look like I would be having a tantrum. I looked like a person who just wasn’t getting their way and throwing a fit. My husband and IContinue reading “Meltdowns”

Food for Ella and I

This week is my wedding Anniversary. Every year we go out for dinner. It’s one time during the year where we will actually order something like steak from the menu at a restaurant. I eat gluten and dairy free at the moment so finding restaurants that will cater for both in a nice setting canContinue reading “Food for Ella and I”


Yesterday I had to go to the dentist. I think it had been about 2 years since I had been. Wasn’t really looking forward to it, but I needed my teeth cleaned. When it came time to get the plaque off my teeth the noises from the equipment were causing me some sensory issues. It’sContinue reading “Dentist”

Ella 2

Today I had a doctor’s appointment via zoom. I always struggle socially and when I first had to do zoom I didn’t care for it. Slowly I am starting to adapt to it. In a precious post I had talked about my daughter and today I wanted to share about my journey to having myContinue reading “Ella 2”

Autism or ADHD

My husband and I got a new bed for our daughter.  It will also have a rock wall attached and a lounge area underneath.  We think it will suit her needs more.  We are both a bit excited about it.  It’s the different things that excite you when you are an adult.  My husband metContinue reading “Autism or ADHD”


I was going to post yesterday, but I was mentally exhausted.  My daughter was a handful and I actually ended up having a meltdown.  Luckily I was able to recognize it before it got worse and listened to relaxing music on my noise cancelling headphones in a quieter area.  My daughter is 5 years old. Continue reading “Ella”

Happy Holidays!

Today I have been very tired. With my health issues I never know day to day how tired I will be, but it has been awhile so I decided I needed to get on and post. I hope you all had good Holiday no matter how you celebrate. My husband was able to have ChristmasContinue reading “Happy Holidays!”


The last post I talked about dating relationships and in the this post I will talk about it again as I paint the picture to how I got married.  In 2004 I graduated from college.  I came home from college I took a course at a community college.  Then I got a job as aContinue reading “Marriage”


So today I want to talk about a subject have seen a lot in some of the online Autistic groups online I joined. The topic of dating relationships comes about a fair amount. Since getting my diagnosis I have learned a lot about dating relationships and how it pertains to my past and this postContinue reading “Relationships”


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